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Many mortgagees and investors simply do not have the time to keep up to date with ever-changing loan markets. Interest rates and lending criteria are constantly changing across banks and other financial institutions. From refinancing to debt and mortgage reduction, VSMA has you covered on all fronts.

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At VSMA, we connect you with an expert to plan out simple and effective strategies to greatly improve your financial position and help you eliminate your debt once and for all. Our aim is to give you fundamental tools and knowledge to better manage your finances so that you stay out of debt forever and improve your wealth.

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Debt isn’t always a bad thing, especially when used strategically and intentionally to grow your wealth. This is known as good debt, and one of the key pillars to how we help our customers succeed in hitting their financial milestones.

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Strategic debt can be a vital asset in your financial toolbox, if used correctly. Unfortunately, debt gets the better end of most Australians, though it’s not always their fault. With the right team on your side, you can manage your debt by seeking the right education & team to help you do so.

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Obtaining a loan is a great way to fast track your life goals, but are you fully aware of how to best manage that debt? As it stands, 9 out of 10 Australians rate household debt as a problem for the nation.

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Most borrowers would like to have their loan paid off and become debt free as soon as possible, and for good reason. After all, mortgage repayments stand as the largest monthly household expense in an average Australian household.

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We help you find the best deal and make it easy to transition to a new bank or financial institution. We help you get out of your banking rut in a seamless and streamlined fashion.
Selecting the right financial institution is important, but many disregard the structure of their loans. These influence a variety of things, from flexibility, tax effectiveness, account keeping and more. We will ensure your loan is structured correctly for your current situation but also with consideration for your future goals.
VSMA provides you with a specialist to get advice for a new loan, or for refinancing an existing loan. With our network of fully accredited lending professionals, we ensure credibility and reliability.
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Thanks, VSMA for giving us the education and confidence to commit to getting our first Self Managed Super investment property. Then once we were ready, your turn-key process to make it happen was amazing. Your team and support network did a fantastic job, thanks again. Nick and Alix
Nick Frederiksen
VSMA are great team to deal with especially when buying an investment property. They showed my wife and I on how to secure our first investment property with update on every process and stages. I will highly recommend them to any one.
Danny Obani
Excellent experience with Vision Wealth. Detailed portfolio, every step was clear and concise. Would recommend them to anyone who is seeking to improve/increase their investment portfolios.
Val Knox
VSMA helped my husband and I to better understand our options for improving our financial security. They provided us with a wealth of information about various savings and investment options and when we made our decision they assisted us obtain our first investment property. They were always available by phone and email to answer our questions and assist us with processes we were unfamiliar with. Even three years after our initial meeting, they check in with us from time to time to ensure we are satisfied and see if there is anything we need. They are proactive without being pushy. We would definitely consider utilising their services again.
Debbie Dodd
I would highly recommend these guys. You couldn't get a more insightful, truthful and easy going team. I've gone through the process twice now with VSMA and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. From start to finish it's a turnkey investment solution. Steve and his team get right into it and know the market inside out. Absolutely no hassles and extremely transparent all the way. I'm extremely impressed regarding the leadership of the organisation. It is very family orientated and they are absolutely there to make the average family succeed. My investments are doing better than expected with rent now 10% up over a 14 month period. Great insight from VSMA.
Emmanuel De Zylva
Using the Vision team to purchase a investment property made the whole process so much easier. They organised everything from the financing to the building of the property. There advice was invaluable. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.
David Harrington
The team worked seamlessly in conjunction with our existing accountant who spoke highly of their strategies once he dissected their advice. They gave us the most tax effective solutions for our current financial position and tied it in with our future retirement goals. Extremely pleased with the results so far. Also, their mortgage brokers are very good, provide competitive interest rates. Thumbs up!
We were unsure at first, however thanks to the fantastic knowledge and expertise of Vision and their team over the past year and a half, we have successfully purchased an investment property and with Visions help we are currently looking into our second. If only we knew what we did now we would have done this years ago. Thank you again to the wonderful team at Vision for setting us up for a better future for our family.
Jessica York
Best group of individuals, felt comfortable from the initial meeting and beyond. Spent 2 hours in my first meeting, just getting to know me and understanding exactly what I wanted. Outcome: Best advice and diversification of investments. Satisfied beyond measure.
We have had a fantastic experience with Vision over the past couple of years. We were hesitant at first, but they have helped us develop a much better understanding of our finances. Great communication and wonderful customer service. Thanks guys!
Teegan Brown

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Other Services

Tax Minimisation

At VSMA, we have a specialised network of experts who assist you in understanding all your tax benefits and help you know your numbers in order to claim all the benefits you’re actually entitled to.


VSMA’s main goal is to ensure your financial and non-financial objectives are met in the most safe and secure way.


Securing the best home loan for your needs allows you to pay off your debt faster and helps in establishing a solid foundation for your future.

Money Management

Are you frustrated about not being able to save or worn out by the stress of week-to-week living? Mortgage, rent, groceries, petrol, car payment, medical bills, credit cards, utilities, school fees…we’re sure you can think of more!

Investment Strategy

Keeping up to date with investments can be time consuming and overwhelming. Our team of property specialists and portfolio managers help you identify opportunities that build you wealth while you sleep.

Financial Planning

VSMA have access to a team of experienced financial professionals that are committed to providing everyday Australians with the level of attention and service required to effectively manage your finance process.

Retirement Planning

80% of Australians retire on less than $17,000 per year and still carry a debt throughout retirement. We give you the tools and knowledge to stack the odds in your favour and secure a brighter financial future for you and your family.

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