Retirement Planning

80 percent of Australians often retire on less than $15,000 per year and still carry a debt throughout retirement. Are you afraid of being in the same situation when you retire?

It is possible to retire comfortable and continue living the lifestyle that you desire. However, unfortunately not many Australians have serious thought about retirement and what they would actually need to retire comfortably.

If you haven’t thought about retirement, you should consider the following:

  • Will the age pension be enough, if you had to rely on it?
  • Will you be able to live the lifestyle you want —travel, recreation, entertainment — and how much money do you need to fund it?
  • What steps have you considered taking now to ensure you will have enough for retirement?
  • Will you be able to retire whenever you want — or like most, do you have to keep working?
  • How long will your retirement funds last?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you implement the correct retirement strategies that will help you get ready for retirement.With increasing life expectancy and superannuation returns not always meeting expectations in recent years, having the right retirement strategy in place is crucial for getting the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Our network is able to help you understand all the factors — tax, superannuation, mortgage, investments — and give you the knowledge you need to make informed choices to achieve the best possible retirement you deserve.

Retirement Strategy

What if you had a secure and comfortable financial future for you and your family?

  • How are you making your hard-earned money work best for you?
  • Are you worried about funding your retirement years?
  • Are you on track for a comfortable retirement?

Most Australians are unable to maintain their desired lifestyles in retirement and most don’t really know how to. It is important for every day Australians to set a financial plan to be able to achieve their retirement goals. We all want a better life for ourselves and our families. Our network is committed to developing realistic, long term, tax effective strategies to help structure a retirement savings plan that’s right for you.

With some guidance, we can help you improve and protect your financial situation by planning a stress-free financial journey — to retirement, and beyond!

Most people aren't aware they have options