Clean, simple and intuitive. Our calculators take the headaches out of boring and tedious math equations, helping you figure out your finances in just a few clicks.

Have trouble sticking to a budget?

Our easy-to-use budget planner helps you track your incoming and outgoing expenses to keep you on track.
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We simplify calculating stamp duty so you don’t have to.

Simply enter the property’s value, state or territory to find out your full, exact charges.
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In the market to buy or sell a property?

Use our handy calculator to tally up your total expenses so you aren’t faced with any nasty surprises.
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Not sure how much you’re entitled to on a home loan?

Find out what your borrowing power is so you can plan ahead for your investment goals.
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About to get a raise?

Wondering about how much tax you’d have to pay by taking that new job? Use our handy income tax calculator to find out.
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Need a hand working out your repayments?

Streamline the process using our simple loan repayment calculator.
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