Property Investment Strategy

  • Is property investment something you want to get into, but you don’t have the time to do extensive research on the type of investment you want?
  • Or have you been interested in it for a long time, but cautious of the risk versus reward?
  • Or are you even unsure if you are able to invest in property?

Why choose to invest in property

An excellent property investment strategy allows you to create wealth by buying, holding and building a solid portfolio of properties that aim to provide you with both long term residual income, as well as long term capital growth.

You can trust us to help you grow your investments

Investing in property should be like a business and with any business, a plan is essential. VSMA has within its network many years of experience and a dedicated property advisory team to help you make an informed, long-term decision.

Many people from different walks of life and income levels have been helped to invest in property with great results.

A great property investment strategy paves the way for

  • Additional cash-flow by reducing interest paid on existing mortgages
  • Acquiring multiple investment properties within a short space of time
  • Claiming the maximum allowable tax benefits and rebates
  • A risk-managed portfolio of investment properties to provide you with additional income streams
  • Tax efficient capital gains over time as well chosen properties increase in value

How to get started with a property investment strategy

Are you ready to grow your wealth for the longer term? Simply get in touch with us and we’ll begin your journey together. Your property investment strategy will be tailored for your specific situation and goals.

We can also arrange the best advice on property selection, finance structuring, ownership structures, taxation and insurance.

Most people aren't aware they have options