We co-ordinate a range of independent and associated entities to assist us in the implementation of strategies aimed at increasing prosperity. We strive for excellence in our field and aim to provide the best service possible in line with quality, high standards and professionalism.

The VSMA Difference

We insist on fast and personal communication in order to keep our clients up to date on their strategies. We are dedicated to giving our full attention to all new inquiries as well as to our existing customers.

We are a market-leading agency, working Australia-wide to provide our clients with transparent and personalised options to suit their needs.

All of our offices work efficiently together to keep our Australia-wide team informed, in order to provide excellent service no matter which region we are working in.

Why you should choose us

The founders of VSMA agreed on just that: A vision shared so strongly among our team that it operates as one vision. We all have come to investing from different levels of involvement, education, and experience, and our scheduled meetings are a time for all of us to share what we have learned and what we can teach. We are transparent and thorough in our operation, and maintain our duty to our clients and investors.

We are geared towards providing you with the highest quality of service. Whether you are starting out on your first investment, or have a portfolio active, we tailor our service to ensure we are with you every step of the way.

Because our teams work in all regions of Australia, we conduct research across local markets, regional towns as well as major centres. This keeps us up to date on market fluctuation. We are also aware of regional developments and opportunities that other property groups may miss.

We take your personal finances, your goals, and your own considerations into account. At VSMA, we don’t ‘sell’ you packages that we want you to have, we listen to you and make sure that the decision is right for you. This involves comprehensive market research, your experience level, your willingness to take risks, and all other factors that could affect your decisions. VSMA is not beholden to any banks or financial lenders, and we work independently as well as with our trusted network of industry professionals to provide you with second-to-none information through every step of the process — whether we’re handling your first investment or your twentieth.

We don’t believe in hiding our own knowledge from you, rather we want you to understand the process as thoroughly as possible so that you’re advised, educated, and in control from day one.

Most people aren't aware they have options


VSMA has professional affiliation and accreditation with a group of highly regarded associations and experts in their specific service fields.

VSMA ensures that our clients receive quality service from qualified and skilled specialists and advisors. We comply with and exceed industry standards. All affiliating Finance and Financial Planning consultants are licensed and governed by MFAA and FPA respectively. All Property Consultants in our network are licensed by the relevant Australian Real Estate Institutes including REINSW, REIQ and REIV. VSMA abides by the Australian standard of Code of Conduct for professionalism, best practice and ethical behaviour.

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What makes us credible?

Australia has various Government and other Regulatory Bodies to ensure Businesses, Companies and Corporations uphold high levels of governance and abide by certain codes of conduct. Vision Strategy Management Australia is an Australian owned business that is held accountable for many codes of practices.

We are committed to upholding the highest principles and customs to:
  • The Australian Government
  • Our Staff
  • Our Stake Holders
  • Our Third Party Affiliates
  • Our Related Party Referrers
  • Our Existing Clients
  • Our Prospective Clients